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Title: 爆龙金矿对冲刷单 Download
 Description: This strategy is very novel. At present, it is rare in the market to combine new algorithms and new ideas to make a single profit. It is a unique strategy that specializes in two-way hedging of gold, and its professionalism is unparalleled! XAUUSD (gold) is the preferred trading product of many traders. Because of its market singularity, simplicity and easy to understand, it is very easy to get started, and there is no problem that it cannot be closed, which can ensure the safety of interests. Moreover, the transaction cost of gold is low, and it takes up less funds. It effectively combines the hedging mechanism, and it will hedge long and short in volatile market. In trend market, it will directly stop the wrong list and conform to the unilateral trend. Therefore, this strategy is not only unilateral market but also volatile market. Market decline can also be profitable. These unique advantages also make gold the darling of foreign exchange market.
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爆龙金矿对冲刷单.ex4 85634 2021-03-01

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