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[Embeded-SCM Develop11_shiboqi_code_这个是代码

Description: A Simple Oscilloscope Based on MSP430F149
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 222208 | Author: 追梦李先生 | Hits: 0

[Embeded-SCM Develop01源代码

Description: MAX7219/MAX7221 is an integrated serial input/output common cathode display driver, which connects microprocessors. With 8-digit 7-segment digital LED display, you can also connect a bar chart display or 64 separate LEDs. It includes one B-type BCD encoder on chip, multi-channel scanning circuit, segment driver, and 8*8 static RAM for storage Store each data. Only one external register is used to set the segment current of each LED. MAX7221 and SPI and QSPI MICROWIRE is compatible, and it has a segment drive that limits the rotating current to reduce EMI. A convenient four-wire serial interface can connect all general purpose microprocessors. Each data can be addressable without updating
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 532480 | Author: 追梦李先生 | Hits: 0

[Delphi VCLtscap32_delphi7_release

Description: VCL Untuk Video tampilan di delphi
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 579584 | Author: NizarBaharun | Hits: 0

[Embeded-SCM Develop源程序

Description: Tracked car can rotate at small angle, based on 298N drive.
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 1024 | Author: 追梦李先生 | Hits: 0

[Windows Develop项目

Description: Query if the account name exists and log in
Platform: C# | Size: 14336 | Author: long妖 | Hits: 0

[Windows DevelopSCALE4

Description: Timbagan CBBP Truk Aspal
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 6479872 | Author: NizarBaharun | Hits: 0

[Other systemsGetData.Recover.My.Files.v5.2.1.1964-PORTABLE

Description: Get REcovery with Crack
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 30706688 | Author: Ons29 | Hits: 0


Description: It's a digital signal processing scheme.
Platform: matlab | Size: 488448 | Author: 塔力鹏 | Hits: 0

[Embeded-SCM Develop实验33 无线通信实验

Description: Laboratory equipment: V3 version of warship STM32F103 development board The purpose of the experiment is: Learn how to use NRF24L01 2.4G wireless module. Hardware resources: 1, DS0 (connected to PB5) 2. Serial port 1 (baud rate: 115200, PA9/PA10 connected on board USB to serial chip CH340) 3, ALIENTEK 2.8/3.5/4.3/7 inch TFTLCD module (driven by FSMC, FSMC_NE4 connects LCD chip selection/A10 connects RS) 4, KEY0 key (connected to PE4)/KEY1 key (connected to PE3) 5, NRF24L01 module (SPI2 (PB13/PB14/PB15)/IRQ (PG6)/CS (PG7)/CE (PG8)).
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 346112 | Author: cjcking | Hits: 0

[Embeded-SCM Develop完整水情串12864+P22捕获

Description: 2017 National College Students Electronic Design Competition
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 45056 | Author: 追梦李先生 | Hits: 0


Description: Final online cough protocol test paper, filling in the blanks, judgment, comprehensive questions
Platform: Others | Size: 354304 | Author: cjcking | Hits: 0

[Graph Recognize3dCaptcha-1.0.0

Description: 3D verification code written in PHP language, you can come down and see if you don't want money
Platform: PHP | Size: 404480 | Author: 千寻网络 | Hits: 0

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