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Description: otra biblio para adxl345
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 13312 | Author: jaja12 | Hits: 0

[Other BooksGE PLC 编程手册

Description: e Cimplicity machine logic developer - PLC programming software manual
Platform: Others | Size: 2373632 | Author: xfwswws | Hits: 0


Description: Verify that KL transformation is close to DCT transformation in MATLAB
Platform: matlab | Size: 29696 | Author: KyleH | Hits: 0


Description: adafruit library for ADXL343
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 11264 | Author: jaja12 | Hits: 0

[Special Effectsassign0401biliner

Description: Bilinear interpolation scales the image
Platform: matlab | Size: 745472 | Author: 豆子大王 | Hits: 0

[matlabadaptive BP nn

Description: hand-written BP nn for predicting, with example data in
Platform: matlab | Size: 51200 | Author: JoyHou777 | Hits: 0


Description: EM (electromagnetism like) is a global optimization algorithm, which uses the attraction and repulsion of charged particles to find the global minimum within the upper and lower bounds
Platform: matlab | Size: 3072 | Author: zhuzhu Yan | Hits: 0

[matlabadaptive nn

Description: hand-written RBF code for predicting
Platform: matlab | Size: 51200 | Author: JoyHou777 | Hits: 0

[Windows DevelopMSS

Description: Encrypt U disk data to protect information from concealment and prevent privacy leakage. When this program runs, it first detects the presence of a mobile device on the local computer, and then selects the mobile device to implement encryption.
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 15360 | Author: flll | Hits: 0

[File Operate新建 WinRAR 压缩文件

Description: Read a line of characters from the keyboard and store the alphabetic characters in the disk file f2.dat. Then read it into the program from the disk file, change the lowercase letters to uppercase letters, and store it in the disk file f3.dat.
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 6508544 | Author: tu2019 | Hits: 0

[3D Graphicmake_h5

Description: Combining point cloud file and label file to generate HDF5 file as training set of deep learning
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 759808 | Author: zhuzhu Yan | Hits: 0

[Windows Developalcmem

Description: The inline assembly code in the VC ++ implementation program is mainly to explain the inline by manipulating memory and writing data
Platform: C/C++ | Size: 14336 | Author: flll | Hits: 0

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