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[OtherRam Testing utilites

Description: Content: Dos - Goldmemory v6.68 - diagnostic utility enabling thoroughly testing mistakeless functions of x86-PC RAM. Special algorithms are used, which are very effective and do not directly depend on actual type of RAM
Platform: | Size: | Author: SergeX31 | Hits:

[OtherPC Hardware dirrect IO utils

Description: Content: - HWDIRECT v1.88 - low-level hardware access tool, allows user to read and modify PC system hardware registers. 9 tools are provided :OSInfo, CPUID Info, PCI Read/Write, I/O Read/Write, MSR Read/Write, CMOS Read
Platform: | Size: | Author: SergeX31 | Hits:

[OtherDifferent executable file tools

Description: Content: - Ark v1.01 - program archiver and executer stub for MS-DOS, allows to create executable files which contain one or more smaller programs, and to execute the programs directly from the archive. - BAT-COM, BAT-EX
Platform: | Size: | Author: SergeX31 | Hits:

[OtherCPU/System clock programming utils

Description: Content: - CPUBoost v1.04 - RMClock_2.0 - GUI app designed for real-time CPU frequency, throttling and load level monitoring and on-the-fly adjustment of the CPU performance level on supported CPU models via processor's
Platform: | Size: | Author: SergeX31 | Hits:

[OtherAward edit program v1.2

Description: Award edit v1.2 allows to edit Award BIOS ROM binary file(dump), add/delete bios modules, change some settings, edit Setup BIOS menu items an so on. Very useful for BIOS ROM hacking!
Platform: | Size: | Author: SergeX31 | Hits:

[OtherActive@ File Recovery program v7.1

Description: Active@ File Recovery v7.1 - file recovery program, can work with HDD directly, can create disk images. Supports SunDisk, MemoryStick, CompactFlash. - work with IDE, ATA, SCSI, floppy, USB, memory cards - FAT12, FAT16, F
Platform: | Size: | Author: SergeX31 | Hits:

[OtherParagon NTFS DOS driver

Description: Paragon driver for NTFS FS under DOS environment! Works via DPMI DOS extender. Compact and quick enough, allows to view NTFS service [FILES].
Platform: | Size: | Author: SergeX31 | Hits:

[OtherWinMount v3.2 versatile mounting program

Description: WinMount v3.2 allows to mount different archives as virtual disks! (.ZIP, .RAR, .7Z, .CAB, .ARJ, .GZ, .BZ2, .MOU, .TAR.). - emulates CD/DVD (fully supports cryptodisks) (understands .ISO, .CUE/.BIN, .CCD, .BWT, .MDS/MDF,
Platform: | Size: | Author: SergeX31 | Hits:

[OtherOffice file formates converters

Description: Content: - Docx2Rtf v2.8, program to convert Word 2007 Docx/Dotx, OpenOffice Sxw/Odt files to the universal rtf format without needing MS Office 2007/OpenOffice installed. Also open, view and print - pdf, html, rtf, txt
Platform: | Size: | Author: SergeX31 | Hits:

[OtherQDictionary v1.6 en-de-rus offline dictionary

Description: QDictionary v1.6 - very convenient en-de-rus offline dictionary, located in Windows tray. Can be tuned for different hotkey, translates words/expressions by pointing with mouse pointer or via pressing user key combinatio
Platform: | Size: | Author: SergeX31 | Hits:


Description: usb虚拟串口缺失文件和驱动,下载并解压,根据提示安装即可
Platform: | Size: 27967 | Author: mybl***** | Hits:


Description: mfocGUI_v30_For_PN532
Platform: | Size: 2910922 | Author: gcyu**** | Hits:
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