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Description: There are 15 chapters in this book, which are divided into two parts: the basic chapter and the actual combat chapter. The basic chapter introduces the basic principles of data mining, and the actual combat section intro
Platform: | Size: 49031168 | Author: zhaolong2020 | Hits:

[DataMining07 RFM建模实战

Description: 1. Through Python pandas library, the RFM model of customer value stratification is realized; 2. Provide source data
Platform: | Size: 1745920 | Author: 暮雨潇潇abcd | Hits:


Description: A very useful nearest neighbor algorithm
Platform: | Size: 15360 | Author: 超11111 | Hits:

[DataMining数据挖掘导论 完整版

Description: Explain the basic algorithm used in data mining, describe the mathematical principle of the algorithm, and practical application
Platform: | Size: 64604160 | Author: 鹏鹏楠楠 | Hits:


Description: Use Decision Tree to classify.
Platform: | Size: 1197056 | Author: hhhh_emi | Hits:


Description: Use the crawler to get the top 250 movie reviews from Douban official website and store them locally as Excel files.
Platform: | Size: 2048 | Author: yyk123 | Hits:


Description: Input keywords and pages, automatically download the picture of Sogou library
Platform: | Size: 1024 | Author: 大酒家 | Hits:


Description: Based on python, it uses principal component analysis (PCA) and K nearest neighbor algorithm (KNN) to classify on the MNIST handwritten data set. After PCA dimensionality reduction, the final KNN achieved a classificatio
Platform: | Size: 11599872 | Author: 曲小刀 | Hits:


Description: Extreme learning machine (ELM) is used to train single hidden layer feedforward neural network (SLFN). Different from traditional SLFN training algorithm, elm randomly selects input layer weight and hidden layer bias, an
Platform: | Size: 2048 | Author: Mapleccc | Hits:


Description: Through the current affairs data visualization system, it is possible to clearly understand the distribution and density of the global epidemic in order to make corresponding countermeasures
Platform: | Size: 393216 | Author: 一只小恼虎 | Hits:


Description: It is mainly the application of Apriori association rules in TCM syndromes, which can be run with corresponding data and process description
Platform: | Size: 1412096 | Author: Love朵儿 | Hits:


Description: 2007年的Science杂志上提出的一种新的聚类算法, 也叫仿射传播算法
Platform: | Size: 1142 | Author: j8f38y | Hits:
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