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Description: The electric field distribution between plate capacitors is simulated by COMSOL software.
Platform: | Size: 385024 | Author: Fadingg | Hits:


Description: subroutine for mazars damage
Platform: | Size: 2048 | Author: yjq1234 | Hits:


Description: Comsol multyphysics plastic simulation
Platform: | Size: 8954880 | Author: Madani84 | Hits:

[comsolCOMSOL5 for engineers

Description: This BooK enables users to build apps based on COMSOL models that can be run in any operation system (Windows, Mac, mobile/iOS), specifically on the COMSOL Server.
Platform: | Size: 19758080 | Author: maniche | Hits:


Description: MATLAB Program for Spectrum Map of Phononic Crystals
Platform: | Size: 2048 | Author: Sherry030 | Hits:


Description: Following: 3-Induction Module Introduction 4-Introduction To Electrochemistry Module 4-White Paper-Li-IonBattery Modeling 4-White Paper - Lithium Ion Battery Modeling
Platform: | Size: 5734400 | Author: harwtcnpy | Hits:


Description: comsol basic operation guide
Platform: | Size: 3150848 | Author: hillia | Hits:


Description: According to this case, we can simulate the mode field distribution and loss of PCF
Platform: | Size: 2423808 | Author: ningqingxue | Hits:


Description: calculate of photonic energy band and chern number
Platform: | Size: 20968448 | Author: HC.Li | Hits:


Description: In this model, a two-dimensional acoustic levitator driven at a constant frequency is studied. The geometric structure is simplified to a certain extent. Small elastic particles are uniformly released in the standing sou
Platform: | Size: 15679488 | Author: C.J.Hill | Hits:


Description: Includes parametric modeling process
Platform: | Size: 367208 | Author: zhangjp0608 | Hits:


Description: 主要是用有限元软件进行的裂纹仿真,用于断裂韧性的求解
Platform: | Size: 660128 | Author: wesleybirdy@163.com | Hits:
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