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Title: Money Pile EA Download
 Description: Money Pile-EA is a risk-free automatic trading profit money pile robot strategy, which is based on multi-time frame analysis formula and algorithm mathematical formula for currency trading. The system is designed according to market rules (indicators with message filtering), trends and corrections. Money Pile ea can trade in a wide range of market fluctuations and make a big profit from sports. This strategy mainly adopts the average permutation and combination method of currency volatility, and the profit effect is good. It is recommended to choose GBP/USD, Europe and America/USD for trading varieties. The starting point of funds is only 1200-1500 USD, and there is no short position in 10 months with a firm offer record. With an ultra-low retracement rate of 3.5%, the net profit is 200% and the average monthly income is 20%, which is a rare Martin EA in the market.
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★EA使用方法%2B历史回测方法(1).doc 477288 2021-03-01
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