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Title: (黄金刷单修改版) (1) Download
 Description: An unexpected good strategy, the modified version of EA, can capture more than 70% of the market according to market fluctuations. It is an incredible EA, and the intuitive feeling of gold brushing is that it is an air hedging strategy. It is not only profitable but also strong, and the automatic trading strategy of dynamic stop loss and profit is mainly based on gold. Using the homeopathic long and short micro Martin strategy can do brushing and rebates. Whether it is running money or gold brushing is a very good strategy, on average, Combined with hedging mechanism, long and short hedging will be carried out in oscillating market, while wrong orders will be stopped directly in trend market, which conforms to unilateral trend, so this strategy can be applied in both unilateral market and oscillating market.
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(黄金刷单修改版) (1)\(黄金刷单修改版) (1).ex4 94176 2021-01-18
(黄金刷单修改版) (1)\加载说明 (2).txt 329 2021-01-18
(黄金刷单修改版) (1) 0 2021-01-18

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