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Title: 极限反转-EA Download
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  • 2020-12-31
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  • 古树枯藤
 Description: Introduction to EA: EA Name: limit reversal EA type: moving average callback, fully automated, multi currency simultaneous trading Function introduction Limit reversal EA trading logic is simple, is a moving average callback strategy, according to the 144 day moving average deviation as the billing conditions. How to use EA: Service cycle: 5 minutes Fund requirement: suggest 1000 run 0.01 Trading variety: EURUSD AUDUSD EURGBP EURJPY eurnzd gbpjpy gbpnzd gbpuzd NZDUSD USDJPY Time period: full time operation without manual intervention. The EA reverse bunkering, bunkering layers can be set.
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反转策略-EA 12.30-1.30.ex4 43990 2020-11-10
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