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Title: 刷单 (黄金刷单修改版) Download
 Description: Introduction to gold brush list EA: Gold long short hedging is a full-automatic trading strategy of long short trading, automatic change of hands, dynamic stop loss and stop profit. It is mainly based on gold and takes advantage of long short micro Martin. Under the hedging mechanism, hedging will be carried out in combination with the long and short market, In the trend market, it will directly stop the wrong list and conform to the unilateral trend, so this strategy can be applied to both unilateral market and oscillating market. 1. Multi period mixed operation, double period deviation opening, kinetic energy reduction 2. Dynamic profit and loss stop, automatically adjusted according to the daily amplitude 3. Single and overall multiple risk control, and mobile stop loss protection 4. I'm not afraid to stay overnight, 5. Adapt to all kinds of market, not afraid of unilateral and shock 6. A large number of orders can be used to make profits
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