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Title: 黑盒B-BOX-EA Download
 Description: This time, we share the black box b-box-ea (black box), which is a very stable strategy with no additional positions, no resistance to single withdrawal, and no grid. Now the version has been updated to the eighth edition. Compared with the seventh edition, it optimizes the problems of quick profit stop and delayed closing, resulting in missing orders and non opening positions. It also fixes the abnormal billing problem caused by unsuccessful reading of data when loading the deposit. There will be smaller profits for the stable version, which can be further improved!
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EA加载简要说明.txt 407 2020-12-22
★EA使用方法%2B历史回测方法1(1).doc 281600 2020-12-23
黑盒B-BOX.ex4 42854 2020-12-23

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