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Title: 升级版马来西亚28货币 Download
 Description: Type name of EA: Ghidorah Forex, also known as Malaysia 28 currency Type of EA strategy: trend+hedging EA strategy EA runs currency pairs: 28 currency pairs (hanging: EURUSD, H1 cycle is enough) EA main running cycle: H1 cycle Initial capital of EA: $10,000 (starting from 0.01 lot) Pre-annual income of EA: 300% EA is expected to withdraw: 15-25% EA net value retracement: the stable trading mode is set to 24.8% EA trading strategy: martingale strategy based on system dynamics and BP neural grid EA Monthly Profit Rate: Steady Trading Mode 7% EA transaction risk: the risk is controllable
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★EA使用方法%2B历史回测方法(1).doc 480924 2020-12-23
升级版马来西亚28货币.ex4 150088 2020-12-24

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