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Title: GridderEA_v1.80 (21) Download
 Description: Gridder-EA is a new version of single-currency hedging EA with a monthly profit of 68%. Gridder-EA is a more perfect trading system. The proportion of trading positions, the number of orders placed, the stop loss point and the take profit point have all been accurately calculated. When the market reverses, GridderEA can better control the stop loss strictly. GridderEA integrates the trading experience and wisdom of many senior traders and trades orders 24 hours a day. Equal to making money continuously for 24 hours, EA brings its own stop loss and profit, so it doesn't need to worry about the risk of warehouse explosion in operation, so as to achieve a better profit effect. Gridder strategy is an EA that can double your profit in a short time, and it is a real money-making machine. Loading period: 15 minutes
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GridderEA_v1.80 (21).ex4 330968 2020-11-08
★EA使用方法%2B历史回测方法(1).doc 478254 2020-11-09

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