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Title: 趋势一次一单 Download
 Description: I am using the trend EA, one order at a time, the current success rate is as high as 89.8%, each single with stop loss and stop profit, no grid, no position increase, each single with stop loss and stop profit. The strategy is mainly based on brin as the billing condition. The strategy mainly runs in 30 minutes and judges the short-term trend based on M30. When the volatility changes, the trend will trigger and EA will enter the market at this point. EA has fixed stop loss and stop profit, but also increases the moving stop loss stop profit.
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趋势一次一单 0 2020-11-06
趋势一次一单\★EA使用方法%2B历史回测方法.doc 475182 2020-11-06
趋势一次一单\趋势一次一单.ex4 19746 2020-11-06

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