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Title: 智能反转 Download
 Description: Intelligent reversal EA is a very successful strategy after constantly upgrading and optimizing the firm offer. This EA makes orders according to the 144-day moving average, which is strict and accurate. Intelligent reversal -EA adopts the strategy of partially closing positions. The advantage of this strategy is that it can seize the smallest callback opportunity in the market to reduce the position, and it can also make profit and close positions according to the position. This EA is not afraid of shocks and unilateral, and adapts to various market conditions. EA has its own overall amount of stop loss, which can effectively reduce risks. The recommended operating fund is 0.1 hand in 3000 runs,
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★EA使用方法%2B历史回测方法(1).doc 480314 2020-11-13
智能反转.ex4 53678 2020-11-13

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