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Title: 美元打印机(破解版) Download
 Description: Policy loading instructions: It is suggested that the operating fund should be 0.01 hand in 1500-2000, the monthly income is about 30% - 50%, and the monthly number of single hand is about 20-30. Strategy does not require high point spread, standard accounts can run Loading cycle: 1 hour Hand switch: the default value is 0.01. Loading currency pair: EURUSD USDCHF EURGBP NZDUSD euraud (when loading currency, the magic code of each currency should be changed into different one). It is suggested to test more and select the varieties with higher winning rate, and then make a firm offer after stability
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美元打印机(破解版).ex4 117392 2020-11-13
账号说明.txt 280 2020-11-07

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