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 Description: Through the establishment of communication system model, finally using MATLAB to get the interrupt probability, bit error rate, channel capacity of the simulation diagram.
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新建文件夹 0 2021-03-05
新建文件夹\co_ch_user_center_co_cell_position.m 171 2012-05-23
新建文件夹\erlang_b.m 500 2012-05-22
新建文件夹\load_parameter.m 938 2012-05-25
新建文件夹\main.m 834 2012-05-25
新建文件夹\simfre_cell_pos_generation.m 871 2012-05-24
新建文件夹\singleuserparameter.m 3282 2012-05-25
新建文件夹\Untitled11.m 290 2012-05-24

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