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Description: Compact scintillating-fiber/450-nm-laser transceiver for full-duplex underwater wireless optical communication system under turbulence
Platform: | Size: 4312745 | Author: mustafa1970 | Hits:


Description: This book is a new, forward-looking resource that explores the present and future trends of WLANs and wireless personal area networks (WPANs).
Platform: | Size: 4468390 | Author: mustafa1970 | Hits:

[Communication-Mobilewireless network communications

Description: Over the last 10 years, the Internet, the web, broadband wired and wireless communications, and other early information and communication technology (ICT) innovations have gradually embraced the whole of business and soc
Platform: | Size: 6125292 | Author: mustafa1970 | Hits:

[Communication-MobileImplementing Wireless Networks

Description: Technology has become synonymous with communication because technology has historically been the method by which communication to or by the general population takes place. From the printing press to the telephone to radi
Platform: | Size: 3149253 | Author: mustafa1970 | Hits:

[Communication-MobileMIMO-OFDM system

Description: Although MIMO techniques are significantly ‘younger’ than OFDM, they also reached a state of maturity and hence the family of recent wireless standards includes the optional employment of MIMO techniques, which motivates
Platform: | Size: 7897741 | Author: mustafa1970 | Hits:

[Com PortModbus simulator

Description: Connect to modbus devices send commands and read data
Platform: | Size: | Author: ferasieev | Hits:

[Communication-MobileContemporary communication system

Description: Contemporary communication system matlab codes
Platform: | Size: | Author: Mch506 | Hits:

[Communication-MobileAdaptive filter theory

Description: Adaptive filter theory matlab codes
Platform: | Size: | Author: Mch506 | Hits:

[Communication-MobileComputational statistics handbook

Description: Computational statistics handbook matlab codes
Platform: | Size: | Author: Mch506 | Hits:

[Communication-MobileMatlab principles of communication systems simulation

Description: Matlab principles of communication system simulation with wireless applications matlab codes
Platform: | Size: | Author: Mch506 | Hits:

[Communication-MobileSar image formation toolbox for matlab

Description: Sar image formation toolbox for matlab codes
Platform: | Size: | Author: Mch506 | Hits:

[Com Porttemperature logger

Description: temperature logger IoT
Platform: | Size: | Author: cippalippa | Hits:
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