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Title: 简易智能家居 Download
 Description: Easy smart home, light collection, wet temperature acquisition, automatic watering, switchboard control Simple Smart Home Switchboard Control Module
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简易智能家居\i2c.h 1393 2016-04-19
简易智能家居\nrf24l01.h 10694 2016-04-22
简易智能家居\光采集.txt 1500 2016-04-22
简易智能家居\总机控制.txt 21144 2016-05-19
简易智能家居\湿温度采集.txt 1892 2016-05-19
简易智能家居\自动浇花.txt 1050 2016-05-17
简易智能家居 0 2016-05-01

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