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[Report papers强化学习控制

Description: 强化学习相关文献,将强化学习与与其它控制理论相结合,进行机器人控制的控制算法。
Platform: | Size: 3148643 | Author: zwrenjren | Hits:

[Report papers高斯-谢尔模光束在大气湍流中传输的相干特性研究_李成强

Description: 高斯-谢尔模光束在大气湍流中传输的相干特性研究是关于高斯-谢尔模光束的相关研究论文,供大家参考。
Platform: | Size: 265012 | Author: mhao@stu.xidian.edu.cn | Hits:

[Report papersflux weakning of Interior PMSM

Description: The interior permanent-magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM) for variable speed applications became popular with the sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) technique in industrial
Platform: | Size: 566446 | Author: said1985 | Hits:

[Report papersImplementation of MTPA

Description: Salient-pole synchronous motors are widely used in variable speed drive applications due to their high efficiency. It is important not only to accurately detect rotor positions but also to control current at optimum phas
Platform: | Size: 633799 | Author: said1985 | Hits:

[Report papers基于可变电容反馈技术的宽带VCO设计

Description: 该文提出了一种用于展宽 Colpitts压控振荡 器(VCO)调 谐 范 围(TR)的 技 术。为了实现宽调谐范围, 采用一种可变电容反馈技术,该技术同时可得到优于传统 ColpittsVCO 的相位噪声。且该结构采用动态正向衬底 自偏技术,以 实 现 VCO 较 低 功 耗、易于起振的特性。基 于90nm CMOS工 艺,设 计 了 一 款 VCO,其 相 位 噪 声 为 -101.9dBc/Hz@1MHz,调谐范围为28.1%,考虑
Platform: | Size: 730422 | Author: 2676627356@qq.com | Hits:

[Report papersSlidingModeControlUsingMATLAB

Description: SlidingModeControlUsingMATLAB
Platform: | Size: 1446912 | Author: seekoo | Hits:

[Report papersCSME_Version_Detection_Tool_Windows.zip

Description: CSME_Version_Detection_Tool_Windows.zip
Platform: | Size: 2425244 | Author: cncpl@pm.me | Hits:

[Report papersSensitivity Analysis of Multiple Eigenvalues

Description: This paper is devoted to sensitivity analysis of eigenvalues of nonsymmetric operators that depend on parameters
Platform: | Size: 263061 | Author: thirumalai22 | Hits:


Description: Autonomous oscillatory systems depending on several parameters are considered. The behaviour of the eigenvalues is considered in the neighbourhood of a multiple point
Platform: | Size: 525193 | Author: thirumalai22 | Hits:

[Report papersInvestigations on Strong Resonance in Multimachine Power Systems With STATCOM

Description: The work presented in this paper aims at investigating the behavior of two oscillatory modes in the neighborhood of strong resonance in power systems in the presence of a STATCOM damping controller
Platform: | Size: 207868 | Author: thirumalai22 | Hits:

[Report papersred Hostpot

Description: How create a red hostpot
Platform: | Size: 1043456 | Author: jhonatanjk936@gmail.com | Hits:

[Report papers功率放大器有源负载调制

Description: 关于功率放大器有源负载调制研究的博士论文,涵盖了宽带Doherty,LMBA和自动化功放设计等方面的内容。
Platform: | Size: 9763263 | Author: reil***** | Hits:
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