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Title: matlab仿真图 Download
 Description: Matlab simulation code of traditional all pass microring, and some parameter results
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普通微环 半径30um k=0.01-0.01-0.5 .fig 63127 2021-03-23
TypicalMicroRing.m 528 2021-04-01
普通微环 半径5um k=0.01-0.01-0.5 .fig 58513 2021-03-23
普通微环 半径5um k=0.1121 .fig 17123 2021-03-23
普通微环 半径5um-30um t=0.96.fig 91282 2021-03-23
普通微环 半径5um-30um t=0.9630.fig 90815 2021-03-23

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