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Title: PST部分传输序列法 Download
 Description: The basic idea of the partial transmission sequence method (PTS) is to split the input OFDM symbol X into V independent non-overlapping subsequences Xv, each of equal size and no inheritance of the corresponding position of the original symbol in the sub-block to take the value of 0. After N-point fast Fourier inversion to obtain the time domain signal xv, and then multiply with the phase rotation factor bv, and finally sum up the results of each sub-block . The best combination of rotation factors that minimizes the PAPR is then transmitted to the receiver as sideband information to recover the signal. In the PTS method, the system computational complexity can be reduced and the system performance improved by changing the segmentation of the subsequence. There are three commonly used segmentation methods: adjacent segmentation, pseudo-random segmentation, and interleaved segmentation.
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