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Title: 三轮DES差分分析 Download
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  • 2021-04-11
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  • LeeZHY
 Description: Differential analysis of three wheel des Three rounds of DES (as shown in the figure below) differential attack examples, select a group of ciphertext pairs for differential analysis. Using the program written in Python, we can directly input the data we want to analyze in the txt document, and then output the third round key
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差分\DES.py 3047 2021-04-11
差分\DES差分分析.py 8220 2021-04-11
差分\text.txt 568 2021-04-11
差分\__pycache__\DES.cpython-39.pyc 5750 2021-04-11
差分\__pycache__ 0 2021-04-11
差分 0 2021-04-11

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