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Title: 哨兵对冲-EA Download
 Description: Sentry single currency hedging EA is an intelligent automatic trading program. It can capture the market situation 24 hours a day, accurately judge the opportunity, and has unique support pressure to open a position - admission is accurate, Fibonacci increases a position - floating loss is small, profit and loss ratio calculation - closing position is fast. EA program will strictly implement the trading strategy, sensitive response to price changes and trend changes, to avoid mistakes in manual trading.
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哨兵对冲-EA\哨兵对冲-EA(1).ex4 41770 2021-03-19
哨兵对冲-EA\黄金实盘观摩.txt 152 2021-03-20
哨兵对冲-EA 0 2021-03-20

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