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[Energy industryAppliance-Energy-Prediction

Description: The project work focuses on performing time series analysis and modeling on a time series data. The data used in the project is recorded based on the amount of energy consumed by appliances in a household for 4.5 months.
Platform: | Size: | Author: praba82 | Hits:

[Energy industryEnergy_consumLSTM

Description: In this project I have trained RNN model to predict the energy consumption by home appliences. The Dataset used in this project is available on UCI Machine learning libraby.
Platform: | Size: | Author: praba82 | Hits:

[Energy industryEnergy-Consumption-Prediction

Description: This project focuses on the energy consumption of electrical appliances which are normally used in a low energy consumption house. An IOT based Wireless Sensor is used to track the temperature and humidity conditions of
Platform: | Size: | Author: praba82 | Hits:

[Energy industryMultiple-Linear-Regression

Description: Time series regression is a statistical method for predicting a future response based on the response history (known as autoregressive dynamics) and the transfer of dynamics from relevant predictors. Time series regressi
Platform: | Size: | Author: praba82 | Hits:

[Energy industryprediction_appliances

Description: It is a machine learning based regression model implemented in python in which predicts the energy consumption of a house at a particular time span based on temperature and humidity of each rooms and other external facto
Platform: | Size: | Author: praba82 | Hits:

[Energy industryPolaris Bartec Touchdriver

Description: Polaris Bartec Touchdriver
Platform: | Size: | Author: sgallinger | Hits:

[Other systemsINVT Program

Description: invt modbus trial program with GD200 Series VFD
Platform: | Size: | Author: shenky77 | Hits:

[Education soft system在线学习培训考试系统安装包和源码

Description: 功能:视频录播,图文,附件文档,题库刷题,考试,督学,学习记录导出,在线支付营销等 可应用于: 学校:中小学,高职高专院校,本科院校,开放大学建设,远程教育函授平台等 企事业及政府机关单位:员工内训,安全生产培训,商学院平台建设,企业大学,党建培训等 培训机构:k12教育,技能培训认证平台,成人职业教育,公考,学历提升等 语言:前台 H5+css+js,部分页面用的vue,后台C# 技术特点:前后端分离(MVVM架构),C#、Sqlse
Platform: | Size: 53803507 | Author: NNwe**** | Hits:

[Shop supermarket software system计算器

Description: PowerBuilder开发的计算器,功能完善,代码完整,适合初学者借鉴学习!
Platform: | Size: 4615524 | Author: xpc**** | Hits:

[Other systemsPKWare Library sources

Description: PKWare compression Library sources in: assembler pascal CLIPPER C
Platform: | Size: | Author: SergeX31 | Hits:

[Other systemsRKFlash Kit

Description: Rockchip Flash Kit for Linux
Platform: | Size: | Author: bmrs@usa.com | Hits:

[Other systemsLoan Mgmt

Description: Microfinance-Loan-Management-System-master
Platform: | Size: | Author: bmrs@usa.com | Hits:
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