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Title: STM32 4开关升降压源码及原理图(官方) Download
 Description: The STM32F334 discovery kit (32F3348DISCOVERY) helps the user discover the full range of features of the STM32F334 line and develop applications. It is based on STM32F334C8T6 and includes ST-LINK/V2-1 embedded debug tool interface, high-brightness LED dimming with buck converter, buck/boost converter, LEDs and pushbuttons. The board comes with a comprehensive STM32 software HAL library with various pac
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HRTIM_DualBuck源码.rar 72715 2016-10-31
HRTIM_BuckBoost_AN4449.rar 583642 2016-10-31
源码下载地址.txt 289 2016-10-31
en.DM00121475.pdf 574298 2016-10-31
en.DM00108524(原理图见最后页).pdf 1690227 2016-10-31
en.DM00108726.pdf 1271177 2016-10-31

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