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Title: 混合对冲 Download
 Description: Most trend EA over fit and optimize the historical data, resulting in perfect historical test and hard operation. Therefore, most EA are not omnipotent. Every EA has its advantages and disadvantages. The key is how to make good use of these EA. Therefore, we regard EA as a tool, that is to say, each of us may have a variety of EA tools, such as trend EA, Martin EA, grid EA, arbitrage EA, hedging EA, etc. we can choose the appropriate EA tools to use according to the different market conditions of the large cycle, or we can load different hedging currencies with the same EA to reduce risks and improve the stability and efficiency of operation Profitability. Therefore, it is not impossible for Martin grid to hedge EA. The key is when and how to use it, what currency and time period to use it. Today, we will introduce a single hybrid hedge EA. Different parameter combinations can meet the needs of various strategies.
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