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Title: 反转策略-(1中文版) Download
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  • 2021-02-26
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  • 八月初
 Description: Limit reversal EA trading logic is simple, is a moving average callback strategy, according to the 144 day moving average deviation as the billing conditions. For example, if the first order is opened more than once, the preset step size is 144, and the moving average deviates from 300, the position will be increased according to 40 points. When the first order is opened, and the current purchase price is lower than the preset step size, the position will be increased, and the number of previous orders + incremental orders * the number of current orders will be increased. At present, when the 144 level moving average of 5 minutes K below the selling price reaches the preset step, it will open up, Load currency pairs: all currency pairs (it is recommended to load more currency pairs) Loading cycle: 5min Time period: full time operation without manual intervention. The EA reverse bunkering, bunkering layers can be set.
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