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 Description: (1) Please derive the theoretical bit error rate (BER) performance of BPSK coherent demodulation in single path Rayleigh channel, and draw the relationship curve between bit signal-to-noise ratio (EB / N0) and bit error rate. (2) In the single path Rayleigh channel, please design a time division guidance aided channel estimation method, simulate with Simulink (or M language), measure the BER performance of BPSK, draw the relationship curve between bit SNR and BER, and compare with the theoretical BER curve.
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3\zuoye3.m 532 2020-12-27
3\瑞利信道中的调制解调、信道估计.docx 118968 2020-12-27
3\瑞利信道中的调制解调、信道估计.mdl 27029 2007-06-27
3 0 2020-12-27

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