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Title: Quartus_II_13.1_x64破解器 Download
 Description: Quartus crack software, which contains documentation.
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Quartus_II_13.1_x64破解器\Quartus_II_13.1_x64破解器.exe 119264 2014-01-28
Quartus_II_13.1_x64破解器\license.dat 1156 2020-12-26
Quartus_II_13.1_x64破解器\关于Altera加密算法的改变历史.txt 655 2014-01-23
Quartus_II_13.1_x64破解器\读我.txt 1517 2014-01-29
Quartus_II_13.1_x64破解器 0 2020-06-30

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