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Title: Ant Lion Optimizer (ALO) Download
 Description: The core idea of the ALO algorithm is to simulate the hunting mechanism of the ant lion hunting ants to achieve global optimization. Before hunting, the ant lion will use its huge jaw to dig a funnel-shaped trap in the sandy soil and hide at the bottom of the trap to wait for the prey to arrive. Once the randomly-wandering ants fall into the trap, the ant lion quickly preys on it, and then repairs the trap to wait for the next hunt. The ALO algorithm realizes the interaction between the ants and the ant lion through numerical simulation to optimize the problem: introduces the random walk of the ants to realize the global search, and guarantees the diversity of the population and the optimization performance of the algorithm through the roulette strategy and the elite strategy. Antlion is equivalent to the solution of the optimization problem. It can update and save the approximate optimal solution by hunting ants with high fitness.
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ALO\ALO.m 5844 2015-02-20
ALO\ALO.png 150992 2015-03-04
ALO\func_plot.m 3597 2015-02-20
ALO\Get_Functions_details.m 7708 2015-02-20
ALO\initialization.m 1881 2015-02-20
ALO\main.m 3105 2015-02-20
ALO\Random_walk_around_antlion.m 2932 2015-02-20
ALO\RouletteWheelSelection.m 2199 2015-02-20
license.txt 1318 2018-05-22

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