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[Delphi VCLCCR Exif v1.5.1

Description: What it is - A small class library to edit, create and delete Exif and IPTC metadata in JPEG files, Exif being the sort of metadata that most digital cameras write.
Platform: | Size: | Author: milikadelic | Hits:

[Delphi VCLdelphi-webp

Description: Library for encoding and decoding Webp images in Delphi. The library also provides a VCL component for rendering images in VCL applications. Based on [Delphi Unit by Henri Gourvest](https://code.google.com/archive/p/delp
Platform: | Size: | Author: milikadelic | Hits:

[Delphi VCLDelphiZXingQRCode

Description: DelphiZXingQRCode is a Delphi port of the QR Code functionality from ZXing, an open source barcode image processing library. The code was ported to Delphi by Senior Debenu Developer, Kevin Newman. The port retains the or
Platform: | Size: | Author: milikadelic | Hits:

[Delphi VCLXML-RPC Library for Delphi, Kylix and DWPL (DXmlRpc)

Description: This package contains implementations of a XML-RPC server and a XML-RPC client. Target platforms are Windows, Linux and native DOS by use of DWPL and WDOSX. Demo projects for server and client implementations are include
Platform: | Size: | Author: milikadelic | Hits:

[Delphi VCLHashLib4Pascal: Hashing for Modern Object Pascal

Description: ``HashLib4Pascal`` is an Object Pascal hashing library released under the permissive [MIT License](https://github.com/Xor-el/HashLib4Pascal/blob/master/LICENSE) which provides an easy to use interface for computing hashe
Platform: | Size: | Author: milikadelic | Hits:


Description: 用机器学习方法估计电池的soc,代码为python
Platform: | Size: 144650 | Author: meilit******* | Hits:

[pythonroll jam script

Description: roll jam attack with hackrf one and yardstick one
Platform: | Size: | Author: killerdave916 | Hits:


Description: rolljam hackrf one yard stick one sdr python
Platform: | Size: | Author: killerdave916 | Hits:

[Delphi VCLX files D3-D7

Description: X-Files Components 2.6
Platform: | Size: | Author: bzot@rambler.ru | Hits:

[e-languageAnti-shattering HDL

Description: Parametric HDL contact shatter protection module. There is a testbench
Platform: | Size: | Author: Murman | Hits:

[assembly languageBios/VBios sources

Description: Content: - ATIBios 848 sources (Radeon R100/200/300, RV200/250, related tools) - Sega Genesis genboot BIOS sources - HERCULES (MC6845) Graphics adapter BIOS sources
Platform: | Size: | Author: SergeX31 | Hits:


Description: 利用C语言编写放烟花的程序,春节专用,挺好看的
Platform: | Size: 18220 | Author: mybl***** | Hits:
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