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Title: 马来西亚28货币(lin) Download
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  • 2020-12-25
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  • 80后老男人
 Description: [introduction to foreign exchange EA strategy] Also known as Malaysia EA, a relatively well-known EA, running 28 currency pairs at the same time, with a relatively large single volume. It's not suitable for small capital because the annual capital is tripled and 10000 US dollars is the starting point, Because there are 28 currency pairs running at the same time, the single quantity is relatively large, and there are no requirements for the point difference. In Europe and the United States, it's best to use around 30 o'clock to swipe orders. Many institutions also use it to swipe commissions. As for the income, the monthly income is about 10% - 20%, which depends on the size of the first order opening. Normally, we start with $10000 0.01.
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