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Title: ATR-趋势突破EA Download
 Description: ATR trend breakthrough strategy, do not add positions do not carry single, probability win, security and stability, so that your trading more powerful, here free to share, like stable can download research. ATR trend breaks through the characteristics of EA 1. Trend trading can be carried out, and the automatic order registration mode can be selected to enter the market according to the reliable signal;, 2. We can grasp the data market, and the players can use the mode of hanging orders. If the market fluctuation is not big after the major data or news is announced, the registration list should be removed in time;, 3. The position and direction of the order can be flexibly defined, which is more in line with your wishes;, 4. A strong and comprehensive risk control strategy can effectively protect profits and reduce losses; 5. Suitable currency: EURUSD AUDUSD GBPUSD gbpjpy USDJPY 6. Operation cycle: 15 minutes
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长期观摩账户.txt 302 2020-12-20
ATR-趋势突破EA.ex4 12920 2020-12-22

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