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Title: 极限反转 Download
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  • 2020-12-12
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 Description: High winning rate limit reversal EA is a good strategy with high winning rate. What can give you a sense of security is a good strategy with USD entry every day, a banknote printing machine that allows you to double the revenue in a short period of time, a good strategy of zero difference evaluation, and EA with makemoney is the real money making machine that you can't miss. The high winning rate limit reversal is not the traditional strategy of adding positions, but through 144 Average deviation from 600 micro point opening, admission accuracy rate is relatively high, billing conditions are strict, single accuracy rate is high, can be back tested, real profit effect is amazing. Suitable for large and small funds can run the strategy, not high on the point spread requirements, basic positions do not stay overnight, not afraid of shocks and unilateral suitable for all markets.
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