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Title: 单目标GOA算法 Download
 Description: It can realize locust optimization algorithm, which contains many classic single objective test functions. When using, you can directly run the main function. If you need to change the test function, you can modify it in main
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GOA\distance.m 64 2017-02-17
GOA\func_plot.m 3633 2017-02-17
GOA\Get_Functions_details.m 7715 2017-02-17
GOA\GOA.m 5410 2017-02-17
GOA\initialization.m 1697 2017-02-17
GOA\main.m 3979 2017-02-17
GOA\S_func.m 1479 2017-02-17
GOA 0 2020-12-07

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