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Title: 14自由度车辆模型 Download
 Description: The 14 degree of freedom vehicle model built by Matlab can run, but there are some problems in the calculation of slip ratio, which need to be solved
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14自由度车辆模型\61_5_6_safarudin.pdf 4346835 2019-06-09
14自由度车辆模型\dof14model\dof14model.mdl 814636 2020-11-17
14自由度车辆模型\dof14model\dof14model.mdl.r2008a 787658 2017-09-26
14自由度车辆模型\dof14model.mdl 787658 2017-09-26
14自由度车辆模型\dof14model.zip 59899 2019-05-29
14自由度车辆模型\dof14model 0 2020-11-17
14自由度车辆模型 0 2020-11-17

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