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Title: Queue Download
 Description: Task description Both stack and queue provide push / pop operations, in which push: adds an element. Pop: pop an element. Give a linear structure in and out order, determine whether the structure is stack or queue. Enter a description In the first line, enter an integer s to represent the s set of test data. For each set of test data, enter an integer n in the first line to represent the number of operations. Then enter n lines, each containing two integers type val. When type = 1, it indicates that the operation is a push operation, and val represents the number entered. When type = 2, it indicates that the operation is a pop operation, and val represents the number.
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qwer\main.cpp 1734 2020-11-04
qwer\queue.cpp 205 2020-11-04
qwer\queue.h 74 2020-11-04
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