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Title: LT6911C_HDMI_TO_MIPI_V2_0 Download
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  • 2020-11-06
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  • 猪大便
 Description: The LT6911C is a high performance HDMI1.4 to MIPI DSI/CSI chip for VR/Smart phone/Display application. For MIPI DSI/CSI output, LT6911C features configurable single-port or dual-port MIPI DSI/CSI with 1 high-speed clock lane and 1~4 high-speed data lanes operating at maximum 1.5Gb/s/lane, which can support a total bandwidth of up to 12Gbps. LT6911C supports Burst mode DSI video data transferring, also support flexible video data mapping path.
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LT6911C_HDMI_TO_MIPI_V2_0\LT6911C_EVB_HDMI_TO_MIPI_V2_0.pcb 1128822 2017-07-21
LT6911C_HDMI_TO_MIPI_V2_0\LT6911C_HDMI_TO_MIPI_V2_0.DSN 498176 2017-06-23
LT6911C_HDMI_TO_MIPI_V2_0\LT6911C_HDMI_TO_MIPI_V2_0.pdf 62398 2017-06-23
LT6911C_HDMI_TO_MIPI_V2_0\LT6911C_HDMI_TO_MIPI_V2_0_CheckList.xls 42496 2018-01-07
LT6911C_HDMI_TO_MIPI_V2_0 0 2018-01-07

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