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Title: BP神经网络股票预测 Download
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  • matlab
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  • 2019-06-14
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  • nz106
 Description: In the data table of 600085, XZSLX synthesis is used as input and closing price as output. The former 595 data are used as training samples, and the latter 100 data are used as actual output. Through training data to build a model, the final output of 100 predicted stock closing prices. By comparing the predicted closing price with the actual closing price and calculating the error, the accuracy of the established model can be judged. BP neural network is implemented by calling newff function.
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600085.xlsx 239634 2019-06-13
RBF.m 1365 2019-06-13
RBF.jpg 72829 2019-06-13
BP.jpg 72637 2019-06-13
BP.m 1084 2019-06-13
分别采用BP神经网络和RBF神经网络实现股票预测功能说明.docx 176931 2019-06-13

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