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Title: 拉格朗日插值 Download
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  • 2018-09-17
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 Description: interpolation In numerical analysis, the Lagrange interpolation method is a polynomial interpolation method named after the French mathematician Joseph Lagrange in the eighteenth century. In many practical problems, functions are used to express certain internal relations or laws, and many functions can only be understood through experiments and observations. If a physical quantity is observed in practice and the corresponding observations are obtained in several different places, the Lagrange interpolation method can find a polynomial, which just takes the observed values at each observation point.
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拉格朗日插值\lagrange.fig 15002 2018-08-30
拉格朗日插值\Lagrange_Polynomial.m 464 2018-08-30
拉格朗日插值\main.m 641 2018-08-30
拉格朗日插值 0 2018-08-30

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