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  • 2018-05-04
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 Description: Based on the dynamic model of the urban rail train and the CIP FOA, this paper develops the "city". Simulation software of rail train dynamics model, which is used for parameter fitting calculation and model validation. Based on the "urban rail train dynamics model simulation software", the simulation of train operation data with different control strategies is carried out. The simulation results show that the model accords with the actual operation process of the train. The good experimental results reflect the project's performance in engineering planning and design and train dynamics models. Use.
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chenggui 0 2018-05-04
chenggui\城轨列车制动模型及参数辨识_于振宇.caj 234104 2018-04-27
chenggui\城轨列车模型的关键参数拟合研究_赵帅.caj 8259773 2018-04-27

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