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  • 2020-12-07
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  • yy啊啊
 Description: Its influence has reached 70% in 2015. Then it became the baseline that most of the medical image semantic segmentation tasks, and inspired a large number of researchers to think about the U-shaped semantic segmentation network. In the aspect of natural image understanding, more and more SOTA models of semantic segmentation and object detection begin to pay attention to and use U-shaped structure, such as semantic segmentation, discriminative feature network (DFN) (cvpr2018), feature pyramid networks for object detection (FPN) (CVPR 2017), etc.
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Unet 0 2020-09-08
Unet\dataprocessing.py 3940 2020-09-07
Unet\main.py 988 2020-09-08
Unet\train.py 2724 2020-09-07
Unet\UNet.py 4180 2020-09-07
Unet\__pycache__ 0 2020-09-08
Unet\__pycache__\dataprocessing.cpython-38.pyc 3808 2020-09-08
Unet\__pycache__\UNet.cpython-38.pyc 3861 2020-09-08

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