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[Open-source hardwareshifting registers

Description: this recource will shift register
Platform: | Size: 58216 | Author: osama936611914 | Hits:

[Open-source hardware国产灵动32位单片机BLDC开源驱动

Description: 国产灵动32位单片机BLDC开源驱动,MM32SPIN360C_BLDC_Project,包含电路原理图与控制代码源码,使用说明等。
Platform: | Size: 65064903 | Author: davidgaow | Hits:

[Open-source hardwareSTM8S Sduino TM1637

Description: This is test code in Sduino ARduino Core for displaying data over tm1637 seven segment display
Platform: | Size: 2431 | Author: supermind2002 | Hits:

[Open-source hardwareCH341A PROGRAMMER SOURCE

Description: It's my own edition it's have lot of usefull
Platform: | Size: 3275662 | Author: huabikhan | Hits:

[Open-source hardwareMQTT protocol source code

Description: This is mqtt source code for esp32 written in arduino in which ESP32expresso board act as a client and python based another client is also there.
Platform: | Size: 25247 | Author: valiantali@gmail.com | Hits:

[Open-source hardware7529 code

Description: 128x240 pixel sample code
Platform: | Size: 6763 | Author: maijaz99 | Hits:

[Open-source hardwareNTC Thermistor reading function for AVR microcontrollers

Description: NTC Thermistor reading function for AVR microcontrollers
Platform: | Size: 1303 | Author: leszek_krehut@o2.pl | Hits:

[Open-source hardwareLED Line Bar Demo Arduino

Description: This is an example source code for controlling an LED light bar using Arduino. Works for other AVR microcontrollers also, but pin assignments will have to be changed.
Platform: | Size: 1119 | Author: asdfg4tsdf | Hits:

[Open-source hardwareKC-LSIu 基于74门电路的8位计算机电路 可用于电视机顶盒

Description: 12层pcb结构,集成声卡显卡、存储、usb驱动,1路vga输出 成本360左右 实测成功
Platform: | Size: 223922776 | Author: HUCHE_zhangzifanjs@163.com | Hits:

[Open-source hardwareRX5808 5.8g图传双接收模块自制方案 小飞手接收屏同款 兼容主流眼镜 成本120左右

Description: 自制的开源RX5808双接收机V1.0 开源链接:https://github.com/Ft-Available/RX5808-Div 主控:STM32F411 GUI:LVGL 包括stm32f411和esp32版本
Platform: | Size: 64258966 | Author: HUCHE_zhangzifanjs@163.com | Hits:

[Open-source hardwareHitager

Description: The hitager open source project provides a GUI based Windows application for writing and reading 125kHz automotive RFID key transponders commonly used in car keys. It uses an Arduino (software also provided in this proje
Platform: | Size: 177321 | Author: wifimaster2 | Hits:

[Open-source hardwareIBM 8088 BIOS

Description: Version 1.0.0 Add support for Book8088 Implement several fixes for IBM XT Update XT-IDE Extension BIOS to r625 Use CMake and build ROM images for all supported machines and configurations
Platform: | Size: | Author: computer5t@gmail.com | Hits:
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