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[Other Booksbianyijiangyi

Description: s what Compiler is the logical structure of (stage) compiler stages of the Compiler work of the organization compiler design study of this course should pay attention to the issue of textbooks and reference books
Platform: PPT | Size: 446KB | Author: judaism | Hits: 9


Description: organizational structure of China Unicom China Unicom reports organizational structure of the report of China Unicom organizational structure report
Platform: PPT | Size: 114KB | Author: | Hits: 2


Description: ADS use information from Zhou, who ARM training materials, including three PPT : ADS introduced. ppt, ADS exception handling. ppt ADS and interactive work. ppt
Platform: PPT | Size: 762KB | Author: chenjian-fzu | Hits: 132


Description: who ARM weeks of training materials, including seven PPT, namely : ARM programming skills. Ppt, ARM core processors introduced. ppt, ARM debugging programs. ppt, ARM and Thumb instruction set exercises. ppt, ARM introduced integrated development environmen
Platform: PPT | Size: 8780KB | Author: chenjian-fzu | Hits: 1037

[software engineeringASPNETADV20041222_PPT

Description: Microsoft training center, a senior debugging skills aspnet documents, applicable to the development of Asp. Net
Platform: PPT | Size: 466KB | Author: | Hits: 1


Description: MagicARM2104 Development Board UCOSII experimental Guide
Platform: PPT | Size: 118KB | Author: mjwang1104 | Hits: 27


Description: MagicARM2104 development board based on the experimental Guide
Platform: PPT | Size: 845KB | Author: mjwang1104 | Hits: 30

[File Formatshrhttrhtrhrth

Description: fat Efan France on the 4th soft Taiwan him on the four days suddenly
Platform: PPT | Size: 53KB | Author: nihaoliuqi | Hits: 1


Description: ARM and the combination of PLD operation, said some of the arguments and share
Platform: PPT | Size: 1345KB | Author: wolf1983 | Hits: 21

[Project ManageStudy-Material-of-Computer-Graghics

Description: the information system of computer graphics the basic concepts, methods and algorithms; Graphics related to the application and development of the research
Platform: PPT | Size: 1525KB | Author: quan5196 | Hits: 91

[software engineeringrequirement_management

Description: demand management, tracking demand for IBM internal training information.
Platform: PPT | Size: 3390KB | Author: | Hits: 14

[OS Developfuxiziliao

Description: Operating System Review, a friend, the study convenience.
Platform: PPT | Size: 13KB | Author: hjsluona | Hits: 12

[Crypt_Decrypt algrithmsBati2006

Description: cryptography, containing passwords classical and modern password. And implementation.
Platform: PPT | Size: 499KB | Author: bati | Hits: 21

[software engineeringse00_0-31111

Description: software engineering templates, oh good, we support it.
Platform: PPT | Size: 1061KB | Author: qiuwenb | Hits: 7

[Other systemsmghy

Description: Rose language, tell you attract representatives of the meaning of the Rose, is equipped with a document Photo
Platform: PPT | Size: 573KB | Author: kyznz | Hits: 3


Description: Qinghua ANN electronic script. On artificial neural networks and basic network model, to enable students to understand the intelligent system described in the basic model ANN grasp of the basic concepts of single-layer network, multilayer network, Cycle Ne
Platform: PPT | Size: 217KB | Author: scorpio_z | Hits: 24


Description: also access to the letter PPT trouble? For a solution
Platform: PPT | Size: 51KB | Author: wh_rushui | Hits: 10

[Other Embeded programembededsystem(americanschoolteachingmaterials.r

Description: American elite courses handouts, a good introductory tutorial, but is in English, some may think that's not very convenient, but did say very good, with Kingsoft fine, the effect is pretty good
Platform: PPT | Size: 943KB | Author: huangdong0781 | Hits: 12

[Other Bookscv2005-ch01

Description: Beijing Institute of Technology <<Computer Vision>> Courseware
Platform: PPT | Size: 3922KB | Author: 179343037 | Hits: 44

[Java Bookschap2.tar

Description: 2 for a chap learn ing about java, it is a good start for begineer from learning for java
Platform: PPT | Size: 1245KB | Author: tsepakchim | Hits: 1
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