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[Remote ControlRemote-control-(

Description: Remote control (execute external file)
Platform: Others | Size: 359KB | Author: hmltll | Hits: 0


Description: Infrared remote control technology based on single chip
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 13KB | Author: 49729325 | Hits: 0


Description: Infrared remote control seven color small lights
Platform: Asm | Size: 9KB | Author: 463527695 | Hits: 0

[Remote ControlVC-screen-listen-and-remote-control

Description: Monitoring and remote control of screen
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 9582KB | Author: 1141191153 | Hits: 2


Description: Remote control system based on single chip can be used for graduation or the usual course design, of course, usually a good learning materials
Platform: C++ Builder | Size: 265KB | Author: 791470683 | Hits: 0


Description: RF remote control software, key is to learn a code, then the code and the key value is sent to the host computer
Platform: Asm | Size: 3KB | Author: scw8854780 | Hits: 0


Description: Infrared remote control and dot matrix display device applications. MCU-based development, using C language. Can be achieved by infrared remote control, the 16 × 16 dot matrix display on the circular display, " Wuhan University of Technology," 5 c
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 324KB | Author: myeveryheart | Hits: 0


Description: The design is based on the wireless remote control microcontroller design, development environment is Keil c51, to achieve the basic functions of a wireless presentation remote control
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 148KB | Author: 1134479640 | Hits: 0

[Embeded-SCM DevelopRemote-control-dimmer-light-source-

Description: Remote control dimmer light source remote control dimmer light source remote control dimmer light source remote control dimmer light source
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 12KB | Author: WFLYXY2003 | Hits: 2

[Embeded-SCM DevelopInfrared-remote-control-Infrared-

Description: Infrared remote control Infrared Remote temperature alarm temperature infrared remote temperature alarm alarm
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 536KB | Author: WFLYXY2003 | Hits: 3


Description: avr ir remote control in persian part2
Platform: HTML | Size: 182KB | Author: visionofast | Hits: 0


Description: avr ir remote control in persian part1
Platform: HTML | Size: 613KB | Author: visionofast | Hits: 0

[Com PortRemote-control-decoding-serial-shows

Description: PC remote control decoder decoding the computer serial port remote control display shows
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 12KB | Author: 444945593 | Hits: 0


Description: Remote Control Decoder 1602 1602 1602 remote control remote control remote control decoding decoding decoding 1602
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 5954KB | Author: 444945593 | Hits: 0

[Remote ControlVCPP-Mini-remote-control-code

Description: VC++ Mini remote control code
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 4060KB | Author: hackerbest | Hits: 7


Description: Infrared remote control button detection program, infrared remote control key tests
Platform: Asm | Size: 11KB | Author: WFLYXY2003 | Hits: 0


Description: SCM system implementation based on 51 key infrared remote control decoding digital display
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 12KB | Author: qzppaladin | Hits: 0


Description: Produce their own infrared remote control, including pdf.word. Program source code and the physical map
Platform: Asm | Size: 378KB | Author: lzltom | Hits: 0


Description: The TFT-based infrared remote control STC89C52 advanced applications, C language program.
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 54KB | Author: zulinlu | Hits: 0

[Other Embeded programLED-Lighting-with-Remote-Control

Description: LED Lighting with Remote Control using CC2510 & CC1110
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 737KB | Author: mcu163 | Hits: 0
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