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[Other BooksForce-P2P-Streaming-System

Description: Force-on-demand system introduced P2P Live: The Force P2P streaming system to achieve the Force three-screen streaming media solutions that can support traditional PC terminal, IPTV set-top boxes, mobile phones and other video terminal equipment wide supp
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 1484KB | Author: zhutou31 | Hits: 1


Description: c++ to achieve a simple p2p functions, the server node to acquire all of the file directory, file transfer between the nodes fully completed.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 397KB | Author: wsscwqx135 | Hits: 7


Description: p2p simulation developed a Chord simulator ChordSimulator.
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 1001KB | Author: 704432588 | Hits: 0


Description: P2p make hole principle is introduced, and a good book, hope to help beginners - p2p holes all introduced, good books, I hope to help beginners
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 20KB | Author: jiangwb16888 | Hits: 4

[Windows Developjava-p2p

Description: Inside java p2p, source, java p2p technology inside, the source code, java p2p technology inside, the source code
Platform: Java | Size: 35008KB | Author: bchaqian | Hits: 0

[Delphi VCLP2P

Description: delphi development of the various C/S mode chat program
Platform: Delphi | Size: 3415KB | Author: lianzhikun | Hits: 7


Description: A P2P traffic monitoring system design and implementation, detail the specific design of the system.
Platform: Others | Size: 517KB | Author: chhangh | Hits: 5


Description: Based on p2p network chat program, first operation server,. And then compile another folder program. Enter the name just landed. There developed log. See for yourself. Can realize text chat window wobble. Fluctuation line state changes.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 363KB | Author: koko31 | Hits: 6

[Java DevelopSimpleP2P

Description: Realize that P2P file sharing system, is achieved through the principle of Chord-based DHT network, sharing files on the local computer, or download other computers to share files. The file system is characterized not just a simple file transfer system, bu
Platform: Java | Size: 758KB | Author: lpzun | Hits: 9

[Visual C++ BooksP2P

Description: Introduction and implementation of the principle of P2P instructions helpful for beginners.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 748KB | Author: my3439955 | Hits: 0

[Linux Networkp2p-2_29_3.patch.bz2

Description: the classical P2P peer to peer network code
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 90KB | Author: db6699bd | Hits: 0

[source in ebookE03-P2PVideo

Description: P2P video chat, powerful communication chat! Use UDP to send chat messages to complete the system an excuse windows API application, DLL complete camera video capture.
Platform: CSharp | Size: 2131KB | Author: 495935363 | Hits: 11


Description: p2p application ,need ip & port number to get in .U can search as well as download files
Platform: Java | Size: 350KB | Author: dai_shy | Hits: 0


Description: This is a qt write it with the client, there are source code, on the qt, and P2P technology to study the man must be a good thing.
Platform: QT | Size: 2624KB | Author: zhengyu19880927 | Hits: 2


Description: this is source code for P2P voice/video conference
Platform: CSharp | Size: 113KB | Author: t2suman | Hits: 1


Description: Create a simple to use P2P network chat program.
Platform: CSharp | Size: 96KB | Author: 872828951 | Hits: 2


Description: socket network programming, file transfer, P2P technology
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 1934KB | Author: 380829593 | Hits: 1


Description: UDP Programming classic P2P software code
Platform: Delphi | Size: 287KB | Author: feei | Hits: 0


Description: P2P is very popular for the current peer-depth analysis of technology
Platform: Windows_Unix | Size: 5KB | Author: vodka913 | Hits: 0


Description: P2P chat link QQ style P2P chat link QQ style
Platform: Delphi | Size: 558KB | Author: cai_turui | Hits: 4
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