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[Game Enginegame+engine+2D

Description: c# the 2d game engine, features a very powerful very powerful code Chuan finally finished the five resources!-_-|
Platform: Others | Size: 4728KB | Author: li_zhao_long | Hits: 92

[OpenGL programGAME

Description: openGL developed a simple shooting game, the first perspective.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 2530KB | Author: ltltll | Hits: 17


Description: Based on linux+ Gtk a Tetris game, support network function, many people online.
Platform: Unix_Linux | Size: 5355KB | Author: lilei1008 | Hits: 82

[OpenGL programGAME

Description: This is a terrorist war game
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 1127KB | Author: xuxuejun0524 | Hits: 9

[Java DevelopGame-of-Life(jibu)

Description: Using the Java realize jibu an example of parallel programming. Demonstration of the game of life.
Platform: Java | Size: 16KB | Author: bcf_333 | Hits: 8


Description: FLASH game ten strokes and wonderful design, very classic
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 778KB | Author: s | Hits: 168

[Other BooksGame+Programming+with+Python+Lua+And+Ruby

Description: Scripting language to develop a classic game- the use of LUA, Python and Ruby
Platform: Python | Size: 2749KB | Author: dwee | Hits: 31

[Visual C++ BooksAI.Techniques.for.Game.Programming

Description: Game development artificial intelligence technology a good book on the game s artificial intelligence technology ps hope you like the original English edition
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 10387KB | Author: dabuliuxing | Hits: 32


Description: Tankedaizhan games and game management, including registration, games, etc. Top
Platform: Java | Size: 303KB | Author: zwjun20070728 | Hits: 92

[Other Gamesgame

Description: A simple racing game for J2ME beginner to learn and understand
Platform: Java | Size: 204KB | Author: mmsun_860110 | Hits: 5

[Game Programgame

Description: A fun game, I hope everyone can bring a little bit of help, I hope you will upload resources and more!
Platform: VHDL | Size: 5KB | Author: chensong-whut | Hits: 3

[Other BooksGame.Programming.with.Python.Lua.And.Ruby

Description: With Python, Lua and Ruby language design game ... really, done-it?
Platform: Others | Size: 2738KB | Author: snowman948 | Hits: 11

[Game Programgame

Description: Based on the mobile phone j2me racing game source code, game developers learn beginners!
Platform: Java | Size: 208KB | Author: liaodaofei | Hits: 35

[Java BooksJ2ME-phone-game

Description: J2ME mobile game development techniques detailed, practical, powerful book 1
Platform: Java | Size: 450KB | Author: ss2358 | Hits: 36

[Game EngineWordware.Java.1.4.Game.Programming.eBook-LiB

Description: The book covers Java game development of all of the key knowledge, and includes new features after 1.4.
Platform: Java | Size: 9517KB | Author: withou | Hits: 1

[Visual C++ BooksVisualC++game

Description: Visual C++ Game programming based on detailed vc game programming under the basic technology
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 23035KB | Author: jwj1648 | Hits: 12

[Game ProgramGame

Description: Game entertainment, I hope everyone after playing the exhibitions that the error
Platform: Java | Size: 52KB | Author: hu406729015 | Hits: 2

[OpenGL program3D-Game

Description: This is a by OpenGL development of three-dimensional space war games, such as the meteor contains the volume rendering, aircraft drawing, rendering the effect of the explosion, the screen text rendering technology, sound effects, such as three-dimensional
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 758KB | Author: yangting_girl | Hits: 46

[Other Riddle gamesgame

Description: Brew to do with a finger-guessing game game. This is a complete BREW mobile gaming platform, games are not very complicated, easy to operate. Brew can be used as a beginner learning a small example.
Platform: Others | Size: 903KB | Author: qianlijuan58 | Hits: 46


Description: A relatively good environment to introduce programming vc book, how to use graphics to deal with game development is the most influential books of the
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 12786KB | Author: ourcapital | Hits: 26
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