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Title: remote-control Download
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  • 2009-09-21
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 Description: This book includes a remote control system of the composition principle, audio remote control theory and experiment, infrared remote control theory and experiment, theory and experimental ultrasonic remote control, RF remote control theory and experiment, and practical control circuit examples and analysis.
  • [dianzisuozichengxu] - used to prepare a compilation of electro
  • [thedesignofremotecontrolcar] - my design needs to adopt two AT89C52 to
  • [HONGWAI-C] - Infrared remote control code of C51, the
  • [InfraredRemoteControl] - Lovers of single-chip infrared remote co
  • [asdfgh] - Introduced the principle of ultrasonic s
  • [qj] - 433 RF remote
  • [CLib] - C/C++ stand function libaray
  • [1] - Ultrasonic Air Bubble Detection Employin
  • [CC1100] - C51 MCU and CC1100 RF chip, a two-way re
  • [CC1100] - cc1100 RF master to slave contore
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