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Description: the procedure is for a NowBoard .* version, itself a non-database, the database installed on the path, as a plug-in the Forum released, Server directory server requests to amend the Web.Config file corresponding database access paths, and build a directory Forum directory , and the Bin. dll file placement of the Forum bin directory. Client for webQQ landing, sed changes, we have done a corresponding note of. this virtual directory to build the management of user names and passwords are xiaoxiao 111,111 this version is not perfect, but as the exchange has had enough and users icon is random because the reader is NowBoard database, which it is now too large icons : (cha cha birds such as a new version out in the forum changed it will increase some of the more useful features, such as the Uni
Platform: CSharp | Size: 537KB | Author: hyh | Hits: 38


Description: a multi-user chat program to support file transfer
Platform: C++ | Size: 95KB | Author: shuguoyang | Hits: 51


Description: QQ Mima complete source code
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 148KB | Author: meeky.lee | Hits: 141


Description: similar application source code, you can download including a second look at the development kits. The game can build a network platform things. Here is how to use the inside Readme.doc.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 3072KB | Author: fans_yi | Hits: 104


Description: Interverse Project- The interverse evolution and is the combination of the web, chat, IM, and voice communication. It is not just a graphical user interface (GUI), but an immersive user interface (IUI). This project will develop the clients and content used in the interverse Interverse Web, chat, IM, and voice communications and the development portfolio. It is not just a graphical user interface (GUI), as well as an immersion in the user interface (IUI). This project will develop immersion environment of the client and content. Source : http://sourceforge.net/projects/interverse/ Development Status : 3-Alpha, 4-BetaEnvironment : Other Environment, X11 ApplicationsIntended Audience : Developers and End Users/Desktop, Other AudienceLicense : Lesser GNU General Public License (LGPL) Opera
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 14994KB | Author: hsong | Hits: 127


Description: MyICQ instant messaging software, including the source code and server-client all the code, version 0.8
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 1005KB | Author: jerryhfb | Hits: 125


Description: classic chat, the use of the socket of a good model, strongly recommended
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 73KB | Author: xia_love | Hits: 75


Description: chat network for a small program can also compare, try downloading
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 751KB | Author: lxgck | Hits: 21


Description: based internet chat room procedures
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 65KB | Author: cnwangming | Hits: 24


Description: MIRANDA MSN plug-source
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 108KB | Author: hangj | Hits: 81


Description: a chatting tool supports a variety of procedures for agreement
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 4719KB | Author: zj616 | Hits: 15


Description: is a senior Chat procedures, procedures which integrates TCP and UDP chat program, to the running time needed to set the command line parameter, which can be installed in the project for the creation, or through command line parameters of immediate implementation.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 69KB | Author: qi_shi2005 | Hits: 51
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