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[Windows Developwebcam_3

Description: Source code for vb6 and multiple cameras
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 212992 | Author: waqaraq | Hits: 0

[Windows DevelopFReading

Description: file renaming system in java
Platform: Java | Size: 18432 | Author: Jaysmarto | Hits: 0

[Windows DevelopVBSamples

Description: Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standard computer language for relational database management and data manipulation. SQL is used to query, insert, update and modify data. Most relational databases support SQL, which is an added benefit for database administrators (DBAs), as they are often required to support databases across several different platforms.
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 9495552 | Author: tsotfrfm | Hits: 0

[Windows DevelopCloudService_cs_3082

Description: lorem ipsum sic dolor num
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 27648 | Author: tsotfrfm | Hits: 0

[Windows DevelopC#_KEPWARE

Description: C# Connects PLC through kepware bottom layer
Platform: C# | Size: 109568 | Author: jianfeng56 | Hits: 0

[Windows DevelopDTLiteInstaller

Description: Virtual CD/DVD-ROM is a tool software to simulate the work of CD/DVD-ROM. It can generate the same CD-ROM image as the CD-ROM installed on your computer. Generally, the CD-ROM can do the same thing as the virtual CD-ROM. The working principle is to first virtual one or more virtual CD-ROMs, then store the application software on the CD-ROM, the mirror on the hard disk, and generate a virtual CD-ROM. The image file can then be put into the virtual CD-ROM to use, so when you want to start the application in the future, just insert the icon at the key point, that is, run in the virtual CD-ROM.
Platform: Others | Size: 1599488 | Author: aa1234321aa | Hits: 0

[Windows DevelopVB.NET SMS

Description: Sending SMS using VB.NET
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 83968 | Author: DennisII | Hits: 0

[Windows DevelopVB.NET reporting

Description: Display Reports from MySQL using VB.NET
Platform: Visual Basic | Size: 243712 | Author: DennisII | Hits: 0

[Windows DevelopVehicle Management System

Description: It is easy to manage vehicle, license plate and other information after entering data.
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 18432 | Author: woves | Hits: 0

[Windows DevelopMLI_V6

Description: space vector modulation control
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 7168 | Author: abdelhakdida | Hits: 0

[Windows Developzlib-1.2.1.tar

Description: nglish names range from names rooted in the English language to newly-fashionable English word names and nature names such as Story or Ivy. Many classic names that we think of as English -- Emma or George, say -- actually have derivations in other languages and so it would be more appropriate to say that they are German names or French names or Hebrew names that have widely-used English versions. Popular baby names in England have a lot of overlap w
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 345088 | Author: 陈大家22 | Hits: 0

[Windows DevelopDebugView

Description: DebugView is an application that lets you monitor debug output on your local system, or any computer on the network that you can reach via TCP/IP. It is capable of displaying both kernel-mode and Win32 debug output generated by standard debug print APIs, so you don't need a debugger to catch the debug output your applications or device drivers generate, and you don't need to modify your applications or drivers to use non-Windows debug functions in order to view its debug output.
Platform: WINDOWS | Size: 158720 | Author: sunhaoran | Hits: 0
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